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..."He is friendlier and more outgoing than we expected a Chessie to be (and he is our fourth).  Trainers love him, "finest Chessie they have ever trained...."
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"Scout gets along great with other dogs and people.  For extra exercise during the week we sometimes put her in doggie daycare, a kennel that keeps the dogs out in the yard to play all day.  This gives her a ton of exercise, as well as a lot of socialization.  She is not a fighter, rarely barks, and aside from wanting to jump on people when they come in the house she has been a perfect dog socially.  Scout has not been around a lot of kids, however, she has behaved perfectly in all situations around kids.  She is very smart and has an unbelievable memory."  Cole and Lynelle Stanford   Colorado.
"UH HR Brennan's Delta Intensity-Delta has an excellent and tractable temperament.  She has a balanced disposition, gets along extremely well with kids, and other dogs of all breeds, trains extremely quickly and well.  I would describe her on the softer side of the spectrum, but she learns well in force, and extremely well in reinforcement.  Unquestionable, Delta with the correct conditioning and more white coat work, could and may still compete in the highest levels of retriever performance."
  Wayne Dibbley  Ontario, Canada
."Kate's temperament is excellent.  She has shown no hint of gun shyness.  I subjected her to kids, early on and of course she had your daughter to play with.  I haven't seen any aggression shown from her toward adults, kids or other dogs.  We took her inside Sportsman's Warehouse a few weeks ago and she was literally mauled by a little girl about seven years old.  She sat patiently while the little gal, complete stranger, wrapped her arms around her neck and hugged her.  Training is a joy with her,  I wish I had more time to devote to it.  She is smart...and it usually only takes one lesson and she's got it.  The task may take some refining, but she understands what is needed.  She is very sensitive to discipline.  You don't need to proverbial 4X4 to train this Chessie."    Rich Eliason   Nevada
"Rocker is extremely friendly and outgoing  Very eager to retrieve, loves the water, watches anything that flies-even airplanes.  The only surprise is that he is friendlier and more outgoing than we expected a Chessie to be (and he is our fourth).  Trainers love him, "finest Chessie they ever trained."   He is very eager to please and wants to learn."    Don and Anne Morrow   Virginia
"I just thought I would drop you a short note to let you know how much my family and I are enjoying our Chesapeake.  Diesel has such a personality, his entry to the water is so explosive, people love to watch him retrieve.  His head has turned out so blocky...he looks like a small bear.  Thank you."  Dru Davidson  Nebraska
"Nellie is absolutely wonderful.  I had a group of kids reach into our truck to pet her last night.  I would never have had any of our other Chessies put in this situation, but Nellie happily gave them all kisses.  She has become so attached to everyone in our family.  She is either a rug when nothing is happening in the house, or carrying her new dog pack on a 9 mile hike. Thanks for breeding such a well rounded,affectionate dog."   Chris and Janice Dunn    Arizona
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