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Our Females
Rose is out of our 2015 Star x Duckster breeding and represents the fourth generation of our breeding program at Black Canyon Chesapeakes.  She exemplifies very well the type of dog we are trying to produce.  Her temperament is outstanding with both people and dogs.  She is even very friendly with my wife’s pet cats, though she really would like to chase them up a tree.  

Rose has ample natural hunting ability, which she first proved by pointing, then flushing, and finally retrieving to hand the first pheasant she ever encountered with literally no formal training.  She followed that by breezing through to her JH hunt test title in four tests.  Recently, she showed she is a very competent gun dog. Both in the pheasant fields in South Dakota and on late season waterfowl hunts on the Gunnison River in Colorado.  

Like both her parents, Rose has very high desire to please.  That trait, coupled with her intelligence, makes training time enjoyable.  Currently, Rose is beginning the rigorous training required to be competitive in the structured world of higher-level retriever hunt tests.   At this point it is way too early to see how far she’ll go.  Her progress, without a doubt, will be limited by my training ability.  However, given her natural ability, intelligence, and willingness to work hard during training, makes me confident that Rose has success in her future.

Rose is light brown in color, weighs 75 lbs. 
Rose is a DM Carrier
PRA A by parentage
OFA eyes- clear
OFA hips- excellent
Grace came to us from Dyane Baldwin’s Pond Hollow Chesapeakes  in Pennsylvania.  After four generations, we felt like it was time to introduce some new genetics into the mix.  The timing to purchase Grace was right, as we found ourselves with several very good males in close proximity to us that were either out of one of our breedings, or males that were too closely related to our females. Hence they could not be used as a sire for one of our litters.  

The decision to purchase Grace was not a decision I took lightly, in fact I searched for the right female for several years.  I wanted to be sure that a female from an outside kennel would produce the type of puppies our buyers had come to expect.  That might sound simple, but I also wanted a dog that had no common ancestors with any of our dogs in a 10 generation pedigree so that we would be able to reap the health benefits of cross breeding dogs of different breeds.  I also wanted to make sure the new puppy would be able to obtain all the pertinent health clearances required to breed dogs,  have a good temperament and enough hunting ability to complement the traits I already had in my line.   I talked to several breeders and finally settled on Pond Hollow Chesapeakes as being the kennel with the best chance of producing the type of puppy that I was seeking.     

Grace arrived  spring 2016 and after spending a couple of years with her I am very pleased to report that she has met my laundry list of expectations and I look forward to the influence she will have on our breeding program for years to come.  

Grace is dark brown in color, weighs 75 lbs.
DM and EIC- Normal
PRA A- Normal
OFA Eyes- Clear
OFA Hips- Good
​Tess is reddish brown in color, weighs 65 lbs.
DM and EIC- Normal
PRA A- Normal
OFA Eyes- Clear
OFA Hips- Excellent
Tess is out of Rose and JR from Akcomi Kennel and is represents the 5th generation of our breeding program.  Tess represents our breeding goals very well based on her outstanding temperament and natural hunting ability.  

Like her mother, Rose, Tess has proven to particularly be adept at hunting pheasants.  She has both the physical stamina and perseverance to continue to hunt hard at the end of the day as she does at the beginning.  Like those before her in this line, Tess's hunting accomplishments have occurred without the benefit of professional training or the coercion of an electric collar.